Ida Mayes’ Legacy

I’ve never had one of those perfectly charming stories to tell, the ones from which so many successful business premises seem to form.  I wasn’t gifted a family farm. I didn’t grow up working in the family business. I didn’t happen upon the perfect piece of property with the picturesque yet dilapidated, so-in-need-of-a-DIY-renovation farmhouse upon it. I haven’t made any dramatic and life-changing decisions–no packing up my family and carting them off to a foreign country. I do not have four adorable children running around, getting into all sorts of antics from which I could write humorous blog posts about each day. I have zero connections, a very average cookie cutter, subdivision home, a regular 8-5 job, and a garden.

I’ve spent a great deal of time wishing I had one of these stories to tell. Something to entice you to explore my website, engage with me about my garden, and ultimately, hire me! Comparison is the enemy of success and try as I might, I do not have one of these fabulous stories to compete with. What I do have is my family.  These beautiful people are the soul of Ida Mayes.

I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know my grandmother all over again this past year. A recent visit following her back surgery gave us the opportunity to share in one another’s company as adults. My Grandma Mary is one of my favorite people. She is spunky and sarcastic, full of stories, carefree and one incredible gardener. Her gardens are etched in my early memory from our summer trips to visit her in Petaluma. This year, she started telling me more about her mother, a woman, I’m sad to say, I never had the opportunity to know. A good woman who cared for her family and her garden with devotion. I always assumed I received my green thumb from my Grandma Mary, but earlier than that, she received hers from her mom, my great-grandmother Eva Ida Mayes. While there isn’t much more to share of that story other than our About page, I am proud to say, it is my story, my little corner of life, my place of belonging. To the outsider, this may not appear to be a great revelation, but to me, knowing and being able to put words to my story, a story much greater than myself, well, this has been one of the most precious revelations of my life. I am Ida Mayes’ legacy.


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