Elegant Easter Flowers

It hasn’t felt like Easter here in Austin. Even after not living in Oregon for 10 years, I still expect Easter season to be filled with rain, just buckets of rain. And yet, here we are, one week away from Easter and very little rain these past few weeks. One thing is the same though, beautiful flowers are springing up all over the place. These Spring blooms may be shorter lived than back home with the warm Texas weather, but never-the-less, they are here and they are gorgeous.

I read a statistic from a 2016 survey that states 73% of people who buy flowers for Easter are women and 74% of those women buy them as a gift for others. Ladies, I’m here to say, treat yourself to some beautiful flowers this week.  Celebrate Spring and new beginnings in your own life, in your own home. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

And while you don’t have to purchase from me, these beautiful flowers are available for purchase in the Austin area for merely $27. Deliveries are Friday and Saturday. I am taking orders through Tuesday via email ( or Facebook (Ida Mayes Floristry).

Happy Easter, my friends!



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