Garden Bridal Bouquet

After a fabulous 2-week vacation in Quebec City and then on to Tennessee to visit friends, I returned to Austin to find my garden a complete disaster. Aside from the ridiculous mess of weeds, we were hit hard with a storm. According to my husband, one of the worst we’ve had in our 5 years in Austin area. I returned home from the airport on Saturday and promptly headed to the backyard to survey the damage, and then I cried. Yes, I cried. Let’s blame it on travel exhaustion because it’s possible the tears were an overreaction but the garden is certainly in a sorry state.

DSC_0014-4I spent most of Sunday cleaning up outdoors, cutting away broken stems, clearing out tree limbs and weeding, lots of weeding. Today, I decided it was way too muggy for a second afternoon in the yard and instead chose to celebrate the plants that did survive. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how many pink and purple blooms I have this year and decided to showcase them in this delicate garden bridal bouquet.


This bouquet includes the following blooms all from my garden: cranberry double-scoop coneflower, tutti frutti pomegranate yarrow, cosmos, strawflower, forget-me-nots, bee balm, verbena and blue cornflower.


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