Lovely Blush Compote Flowers

I decided this week that gardeners are overall happy & kind people, the people we all should aspire to become. Maybe, I’ve been lucky to find a few gems, but it seems safe to say that the kind of people who experience unbridled joy from digging in the dirt and genuine excitement each time a new bloom unfolds, are the the kind of people we should hope to be surrounded by.

I was reminded how lovely gardeners are when last weekend, at an establishment that shall remain unnamed, I was attempting to load compost into my car alone. Those who do not know me, let me explain how ridiculous this feat must have appeared. The bags were 40lbs, which is almost half my weight. Yes, I’m small. While the employees refused to even look my direction, I had not one but two individuals offer to help me load. One was a sweet man who stopped loading his own truck to come to my rescue and the other was a lovely lady, who was actually driving away, turned around, and came back to offer help. See, just lovely people. DSC_0008-3-2And speaking of lovely, I had not found an opportunity to trial my new compote vase and decided I needed lovely, delicate flowers to match it’s lovely vintage vibe. I was able to use multiple flowers from the garden, including my first two Queen Lime Blush Zinnias of the summer. These Zinnias are simply mesmerizing with their subtle color gradients and textural veins running throughout each petal.

Other garden contributions included some remnants of our Spring Forget-Me-Nots hanging on for dear life in this Texas heat, Silver Rose Strawflower, and Gladiolas.DSC_0052-2DSC_0028-4DSC_0049-3DSC_0034-2

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