Summer Blush Bouquet

When I think of summer colors, I typically envision bold bright primary colors. Especially in Texas, the soft pastels of Spring are difficult to find from personal gardens and local flower farms alike. That’s why I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the creamy colors hanging on for dear life in my own yard. We’ve just entered the next level of drought restrictions in Austin so for nearly anything to still be alive is a bit of a miracle unto itself. DSC_0001My Queen Blush Zinnias are continuing to produce bringing their subtle blush coloring and green-tinted edges to arrangements. My Silver Rose Strawflower is mostly spent but gives a few blooms here and there. I’ve resorted to drying these immediately and saving them up to use in bundles.

One of my favorite additions to the garden this year are my Shrimp Plants (Justicia Brandegeeana). I purchased these tiny plants on a whim for a section of the yard that pools when it rains and despite adding mounds and mounds of organic matter, I can’t seem to loosen enough to prevent soggy roots. The shrimp plant is simply loving this area though and producing these gorgeous tricolored stems. The texture is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and they add such a fun element to bouquets.

Lastly, I have a few baby branching zinnias that bloom in pinks and creams depending on the sun exposure–it’s a surprise every time. DSC_0044-2I am continuing to look forward to cooler days ahead with fall blooming plants and bushes. Stay tuned for more updates from our Texas garden adventures!


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