Dutch Masters Flowers|Seasons

It’s Labor day weekend and I am certainly grateful for an extra day away from work. Since I had extra time, I thought it would be fun to attempt a live video. I think it was going well until my InstaStories decided to shut off mid video. Unfortunately, it also deleted the video. Womp womp. For those of you who joined, thank you (I know, I didn’t advertise), for those of you who missed it, I’ll try again soon.


In honor of labor day, I thought I should incorporate some reds into my arrangement. Reds and yellows are by far my least favorite color scheme which explains why you see so little of that palette on the website. When I do utilize reds, I tend to forage for neutral, earth-toned flowers, grasses, and sticks to balance the bold coloring, rarely making them the focal flower .


My original inspiration for this arrangement was Dutch Masters and changing seasons. Despite it being my least favorite color palette, I’m pretty pleased with the final product. Hope you enjoyed the video or photos this beautiful Sunday morning. Enjoy your weekend!




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