Our Story

IdaMayesMy great grandmother Eva Ida Mayes was, as my Grandma Mary likes to say, “a good woman.” She cared for her family and her flowers with love and devotion, making the most of what they had. My grandmother tells me stories of helping in the greenhouse each morning, getting her fingers sticky pinching the center blooms of the carnations to produce more shoots.

My grandmother inherited her mother’s green thumb, which was, I’m sure, cultivated in the greenhouse. My early visits to Grandma’s house inspired my own love of gardening. She always grew the most beautiful kitchen garden filled with golden tomatoes and  bountiful squash. I loved exploring grandma’s garden and was mesmerized by her purple Iris’ she still grows to this day.

It brings me a great deal of comfort and pride knowing I am a product of these two beautiful women. While Carnations and Irises do not bloom in my own garden, Mary and Eva’s garden legacies continue to flourish.

Ida Mayes blends the simplicity of a home garden with the artistry of floral design. My philosophy is simple, this is a place where flowers equal happiness. From seed to blossom, from my hands to your home, happiness grows.